Sewing: Star Bear

shell of a stuffed bear, without stuffing
It starts off, of course, as a collection of parts with weird shapes, mostly curves and few straight lines.  Gradually, though, the assembly process reveals a floppy and unsettling form that occupies space but doesn’t seem to have any solidity to it: a vast star field unexpectedly inhabited by a flat plane suitable for bee landings.

I am speaking, of course, of my first venture into stuffed animals, a bear for the son of friends of mine.  I’m planning on seeing them tonight.  He’s just past his first birthday, and he needs better toys than he has, frankly.  SO it’s time to make him a protector of sorts, a being from the stars, a bear of more than a little brain, and a taste for the honey of wisdom.  A caring bear, a friendly bear, a smiling bear, one whose smile tastes of summer’s sweetness and the love of friends, and the protection of wide arms and helping hands.  And the vastness of the stars above.

There are, of course, things that I would do differently next time.  I think that I would make the scraps of fabric for the eyes larger, and sew/embroider the mouth (and maybe paws, too) before assembling the body back to front.  I’d reinforce the stitches of the opening in back more thoroughly, to give me something to ladder-stitch more cleanly; and I’d take more care with stuffing, and with clipping curves, so that the groin of the animal wasn’t pulled so hard in the wrong ways.

But all together, I’d have to say that it was a valiant first effort for making a bear.  He’s a star, he loves honey, and he’s the right protective companion for a kid just entering his second year on the planet.  Welcome, child.  Here’s a friend for you.  Take care of him, and he’ll take care of you.

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  1. Oh this is so heartfelt & creative.

    Beautifully done Andrew – sure your
    Friends son will come to love & treasure it as a welcome companion :).


    Sent from my iPhone

    • Tbanks, David. Your instincts are correct; he was mightily fond of it for seventeen minutes or so, which is practically a lifetime for a one year old.

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