Sewing: tea cozy

img_9157It was time to learn how to make something new, of course.  I’ve been making many of the same things for quite a while.  I mentioned my boredom with the same-old, same-old on social media a couple of days ago. Someone suggested a tea-cozy: a padded sleeve to slip over your teapot and keep it warm on a cold night (in your living room?).   So I found a pattern, and some guidance.  And I had some fabric to hand.  And it turns out that they are quite easy to make.  And they use up a chunk of fabric in quite-convenient quantities — for example, I have some Star Wars fabric, and I’m sure someone would like a Star Wars-themed tea cozy.  I could also make rainbow tea cozies, and various other patterns. This one is sort of dull and unusually Victorian and dark-teal…img_9158

It is not a complicated pattern, of course.  It’s four panels — two for the shell, and two for the lining — and a pair of batting panels between them.  These two are quilted on only one side, the inside, so that the shell hangs relatively loose. There’s a strip of bias tape around the bottom, so you don’t get a bunched-up fold-under & top-stitch.  And there’s a loop at the top so you could hang it on a hook in the kitchen instead of occupying valuable cabinet space.  Simple.

What do you think? More tea cozies?

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