The First Mansion of the Moon

I wrote the Mansions of the Moon, and wrote them some years as a poetic response to Christopher Warnock‘s book on the same subject.  


Tonight, as the Moon rises a little after 7pm, it will be nearly full.  It reaches its fullness (where I am, in a northeast coastal US state), a little bit before 11pm. From now until it reaches that moment of supreme fullness, it will be in the First Mansion of the Moon — one of only two times that it will be both full and in the First Mansion in the next six years, at the full moon after the Equinox.

It’s like, it’s made for creation and destruction.

One of the names of the First Mansion is THE TWO SIGNALS.  Two stars, Sharhatan and Menarsim, are often occulted during the Moon’s passage through this Mansion.  The image of the Mansion is a warrior armed with a spear and sword, standing with his head wrapped in a turban. Sometimes, if the Moon is passing through its course on the Lunar minimum pathway, it will occult only one of the two stars; if the Moon is passing through the middle path, both stars are only partially hidden, winking out and in along the Moon’s sides.  If the Moon is on its lunar maximum course, you may have different results.

What are these Two Signals? Creation, and Destruction.  When the Moon enters the First Mansion, some things pass away. Other things begin anew. All things begin and end in fire, though: the rush of energy that transforms and changes not by becoming something else out of what-has-been, but by reducing what-is to ash, and preparing to replace it with something new.

And so it begins.

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