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Yesterday, Toastmasters District 53’s business meeting elected me as the Club Growth Director for the 2018-19 Toastmasters year (July 1-June 30).  District 53 is in the United States, covering western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and a long stretch of eastern New York State between Westchester County and Canada; it includes a few thousand members in organized into 136 local clubs and seven divisions.

So first, thank you to the members and clubs and district officers who elected me.  I hope that I live up to the trust you have placed in me.

In my speech and communications to the electors as a candidate, I spoke about how the work of the Club Growth Director is too large for one person to manage easily, and how that work has to be turned back to the members — distributed, decentralized, delegated and dispersed.  I woke up way too early, and created this video presentation (not at my best before coffee, really).  In it, I try to explain what I’m hoping will happen at the Division and Area levels in our District — the growth of teams of volunteers who work to achieve overall goals at Area and Division levels by breaking up our Area Directors’ and Division Directors’ labors into concrete, specific tasks that can be high performance leadership projects (in the classic education program), or DTM Projects in the new Pathways education program.

It’s an exciting opportunity for us all.  I hope you’ll accept this opportunity for leadership and growth and learning, and volunteer for a role at Area or Division level in the coming year.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! How did your year as CGD go? What were your lessons learned? Did you move on to the other trio roles?

    • I’m finishing up a year as PQD now. Are you running for CGD this year? or were you just elected? Thinking about it for next year?

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