Sewing: Kinkachu Bags

I’ve just posted five of these kinkachu bags to my Etsy site.

IMG_7964.JPGIt took me a long time to finish all of them, in all their details — the drawstrings and tabs to pull them closed, the top stitching. The bag I’ve named “Spring” is narrower than the other four and required a lot of hand stitching.  They turned out pretty nicely.  $60 each plus shipping.  And I know that little ladies in factories halfway around the world can produce them for under ten bucks each, because they’re probably paid only slightly better than slave wages.  It costs me $60.  And I can produce one for you in custom colors and fabrics, and probably sizes too.

I learned how to make them from this tutorial, so if you don’t like mine but you do want one, you can learn for yourself how tricky they are.

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