Sewing: hat set

I was commissioned to make a set of seven hats for someone, in the planetary colors with a heptagram (seven-pointed star) atop the hat. It took quite a bit of work to get the pattern right for this Kufi-style cap which is often popular in hot, dry places. I think I sent the client three versions of the hat which were “Three Bears” style from the Goldilocks story: too big, too small, just right.

We’ve closed in on the right design, though. I have figured out the pattern — though there’s one bit of the seam work between the top of the hat and the back seam that I haven’t got just perfectly right for my own standards and learning. I have learned to use a wide range of embroidery functions on my sewing machine as a result of this project.

In any case, there’s one more hat in this set to produce, and then they’ll be done and ready to ship to the client.

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