Design: Patterns

I’ve been commissioned to make a set of banners.  In order to make them, I need to make some templates for the appliqué on the surface of the banner.  So I made a set, using my handy-dandy geometry tools and a vector graphics program that I have (ironically enough, my word-processor… I should fix that sometime soon).  I printed my files and cut them out…

It doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong with them. Still, something seems off.

Do you see what’s wrong with them?  They look right, they seem all right.  I imagine that I could make them work… maybe the line work should be a little thicker — that’s an awfully thin piece of cloth to try to appliqué.  Still, maybe I can make it work.

All the same, something seems off that has nothing at all to do with the thinness of the lines themselves.  I wonder what it could be?

Oh. Right.

It’s annoying to me that when I copy-paste a triangle, that the triangle doesn’t stay the same shape.

I don’t know why that is.  But I spent a lot of time and energy on getting the triangle without the line to be the correct shape, equilateral and all, and it’s beyond frustrating to copy-paste that shape and find that the new triangle reverts to some other form than what I planned for.

Ah, well… Back to the drawing board, and time to scrap these.  It’s kind of a useful reminder, though, not to commit expensive materials to a project until you’ve tested the less-expensive ones first.

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