Sewing: Vikings in pinstripes

I finished up a few more of my Viking-fabric dice (or runes) bags.  This brings the total of all the bags I’ve made with this fabric, to eighteen.  Some of them are for sale on Etsy, but I haven’t put these up yet because I have to make drawstrings for them using my lucet.

These are slightly different than some of mine, in that they have woolen bottoms; you’ll have a choice of a herringbone tweed pattern in black and white, and a brown pattern that I don’t know how to name. I have two of each.  All four of these bags are lined with purple.

I was planning on making the drawstring tube at the top of the bag out of black fabric.  But while I was looking for the black fabric, I found the pinstripe, and I decided to use that.  Because today’s vikings wear three-piece suits, don’t they? They dress in pinstripes, show up talking about their contributions to the world, like democracy and capitalism, and then they destroy your village and community quite thoroughly.  Maybe that’s a bit of a generalization; after all, not all three-piece suit-wearers in pinstripes or woolen herringbone are out to destroy the world.

But at least some of them are.

So we have to be aware of this. And this bag, whether you’re a gamer or a reader of runes or Coelbren or just need a place to store your stuff, then maybe you want to store that stuff in a cute bag that nonetheless carries an important reminder that not all raiding parties wear horned helmets and carry swords.  Maybe they wear nice herringbone, or beautiful wool suits in pinstripes.

I’ve learned a lot in making these bags.  Part of it has been learning to double-fold fabric into something resembling bias tape, to make the casing for the draw string. Part of it has been making the drawstrings for the bags, and trying to match the lining to the shell to the drawstring casing to the drawstring.  Part of it has been trying to match thread and stitching, and trimming all the leftover thread…

But, one of the things that I’ve learned is that I don’t much like being a production line, really.  It’s nice to make a bunch of bags in the hope of selling them, and maybe they will.  And I think they’re cute, and people should like them or enjoy using them.  But I don’t know that I’m cut out for the daily grind of making the same five or six things day after day.  I’ve put away the remaining Viking fabric for now; there’s probably another six or seven bags worth of material, cut to size for the shells of similar bags very much like these.

But I think I’ll put this fabric away for now, and concentrate on some other things.  No one is going to buy all 25 geomancy stick bags I’ve gotten made at my first vending show in a week or so; It’s unlikely that I’m going to sell all eighteen of these Viking bags at one event.  So it’s time to move on to other projects, and let this one relax for a bit longer.

There’s other things to do with one’s life besides making a bunch of bags.

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