Sewing: geomancer’s sticks

These Geomancy Wands Bags are now available on Etsy.

I found some wide basswood slats in the craft store the other day. So I cut them into 7 1/2″ x 1″ slats, and found that I had six sets of four. Jeffrey P. commissioned a geomancy stick bag, so I’d just worked out the pattern for this bag for a potential sales item, and — lo and behold! — eight bags later I have a new item for my Etsy store: geomancy wand kits.

It’s part of the DOGD tradition to make your own wands, or at least to mark them on opposite sides with one or two dots in red, yellow, blue, and green. So I haven’t made up my mind about whether to pre-mark these geomancy wands or not.  At the moment, no, but I would appreciate the feedback from you, my readers, about whether to mark them or not.

I did use some of that cute Viking fabric that I’ve been using for Runes bags to make these geomancy bags, but I also used a different fabric, as well. The red is kind of nice. However — I have worked out a pattern for them, and  that means that I can make them in your preferred colors or fabric more or less at will.

Need a bag and a set of geomancy sticks?  I can provide.

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    • Unfortunately, Jeff, I hadn’t found the wood to cut up for the sticks before I sent you the envelope for them. So yours is only a bag, alas, and not a set of sticks in a bag. But it’s a good idea to put an option in place so that people can choose “none”, “unmarked sticks” or “marked sticks” according to their preference. Thanks for the tip.

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