Shoulder sash

I found a bundle of Kelly Green cloth which I usually use to make sashes for the DOGD members who buy them from me for their Ovate grade. I had a couple of hours to kill, so I made one from it. It’s not my best work— I had to alter the pattern here and there to account for how the fabric was arrayed. But it is a sash of the regulation width.

I’m beginning to get a sense of how many hours go into each project I make, and where the challenges are, where the opportunities are, and what shortcuts not to take. Obviously, the more frequently I make something the more accurately I can predict how long it will take me to make it. But even so, there’s a few things — a pirate coat, a sash/stole, a Viking style coat, a tunic— that take a predictable amount of time each time.

Which is useful.

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