Guy Fawkes

My partner is an Anglophile. As a result, we’re having a bit of a fire in a couple of days for Guy Fawkes night. It’s mostly to honor her father, who became a naturalized American citizen but still kept a fondness for the bonfires and “penny for the Guy?” traditions of his youth.

My Guy Fawkes effigy is more Jack Skellington or Mervyn Pumpkinhead from the Sandman stories of Neil Gaiman — but he’ll burn Sunday night just the same as if he were a typical straw man.

There are a number of calls from many quarters for paint, for a little jacket, for something to make him more palatable or human or “real”. But I’m not sure how real a figure I want to burn. I am thinking that we should stuff his head with political ideas, written on slips of paper, and send them to the Otherworld. Whether those are “ideas that need to die” or “ideas that need to be born”, I’m not yet sure.

My partner said he looked too much like a shoe box… so I made him a coat.

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