Quilts: lasagna

My mother told me about Lasagna Quilts. She learned about them from one of her sewing teachers.  The idea behind a Lasagna Quilt is that you sew together all of your long scraps into a single long strip.  You then fold that strip in half, and cut it, and then sew those two strips together.  You fold that double-wide, half-length of quilt-top in half, and then cut it.  You sew those two new panels together. Each time, the quilt becomes a little less long and skinny, a little fatter and wider around the middle. Gradually, the quilt takes its form as a series of randomized bits and pieces of all the scraps of the quilts you’ve made recently.

I’ve begun this process.  I’ve had a stack of bits and pieces from all the Rail Fence quilts I’ve made and put on my Etsy store recently.  Now I’ve assembled all those scraps into a single long strip.  When I fold that strip over in half, and in half again, and in half again, and so on… until each fold is about 30″, the width of a baby quilt… I can estimate that I’ll have sixteen strips.

Sixteen strips, each 2 1/2″ wide… hmm, that resolves to 2″ wide once sewn… Ok, so I can currently produce a quilt that’s roughly 30″ x 30″.  Or I can hold out until a few more quilt projects are done, sew some more strips on this mess, and make a 30″ x 40″ quilt. OR add some strips top and bottom, and a border like I did on the Rainbow Quilt, and have a more orderly transition at top and bottom, with a riot of colors and hues in between.  Decisions, decisions…


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