Quilts in process

One of the things i have difficulty with, is figuring out the batting and backing for a quilt. I’m currently at that step with a number of quilts: this one is mostly white with some black. It’s a crib-quilt size, about 54 squares. At 6″ a square, that makes it about 36″ wide and 54″ long. That’s about the width of the fabric I used for backing, but it’s a good thing I got more than two yards of fabric for the backing. I have five quilts in process right now. One isn’t in the photograph, but they’re arranged like this:

  1. One pink/ purple quilt in need of binding
  2. One mostly black quilt in need of quilting and edge binding
  3. One mostly white quilt in need of quilting and edge binding
  4. One black/white/pink/purple quilt in need of backing, quilting, and edge binding.
  5. One black and white quilt top that needs everything.

All of this work will have to wait for next week. I’m determined to rest from my labors this weekend, and mark Labor Day with rest.

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