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the star of tonight’s show

I did a little bookbinding tonight.  I’d hoped to do two books, but this one was a bear to get right. I had it in mind to do these funky stars on the cover of my latest coptic stitch binding. My plan was to put the stars on the front of the book but not the back.  I got that done, but I ran out of the dark purple thread and had to use lighter purple thread for the upper four. And the thread ripped through the cover in a couple of places. And the quires didn’t line up properly, and I didn’t like the paper much, and the covers are too floppy. Not enough strength in them, enough sturdiness. Not enough contrast with the paper and the purple thread, either.  

But the design works. Now I just need to figure out the right combination of thread and stitching, so everything lines up properly. I need to set up the back and front covers correctly, so that I can do this nice pattern on one side but not the other. And I should probably figure out ribbon binding next, too. 

Still, this turned out ok for a first attempt. 

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