Yarn swift

the bushing for the yarn swift is not 90-degrees. theres a bump when the handle circles. alas.
yarn swift
I put my yarn swift to work this morning, making a pair of yarn balls for a blue and black scarf I’m working on. Here’s the black yarn loaded onto the swift. 

Tools make tools make things. The carpentry tools make the yarn swift. The yarn swift makes the yarn ball — a “tool” of sorts that prepares the yarn to be knitting more easily, and to unwind more simply. The knitting needles are made with the same carpentry tools that made the yarn swift, and they — and the knitter — make the scarf. 

For too many people, products just appear. We rarely think about the tools and dies, templates, jigs and infrastructure that brought this chair or that t-shirt to our doorstep. A school makerspace helps close that gap — as well as teaching the skills necessary to be part of that virtuous cycle. 


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