I wanted to make a video of me weaving.  My lady obliged by holding the camera, so I didn’t have to.

One of the problems I haven’t solved yet is the problem of the twisting fibers behind (to the back of) the cards.  The warp threads on a loom of this type are usually weighted individually — either by being wrapped around a spool, or tied around or to a weight of some kind. Then they can be unwrapped and the warp extended.

I don’t know how to do that, though.  Not yet.  There’s also some technique that one can use to turn the cards backwards every so often, so that the twisting is un-turned as it’s turned.  But doing so appeared to introduce challenges in the pattern. So what’s been happening is that I’ve been un-doing the warp from the spreader bar, untangling the twisted lines, and then re-spreading them.  It’s a fifteen minute block of work every 3-5 inches of weaving.  There’s got to be a better solution.  Anyone know what it is?

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