Tai Chi Y5D3

Several weeks ago, John Michael Greer suggested that the six postures which salute the four directions in the druidic tradition I practice, could be used with good effect as a static qi gong series.  I tried that this morning to good effect, in between the two qi gong series, and the four tai chi forms.

The four postures of this druidic qi gong form start off by saluting the four directions.  There is then a gesture of protection, and a gesture of completion. I suppose it could be called Hawk Stag Salmon Bear, but that’s a bit long-winded.  Maybe Hawk and Bear qi gong? I don’t know.  Druidic qi gong for now, I guess.  I’m guessing that I held each pose for about 18 breaths.  Traditional Brehon Law from Ireland kept time by noting eighteen breaths to the minute, so that was an additional six minutes into my daily practice.  On the other hand I went not-particularly-slow today on my other forms.  Without attachment to result is the new goal, so a fast day here and there isn’t really a problem.  All the same, I think I worked from about 5:15 to about 6:07, so close to an hour.

I made some adjustments to my website in terms of coloration and font changes.  Let me know if you like it — or if you don’t.  I think that serif type faces are easier to read, and I chose two; but let me know if this isn’t your bag, or if you prefer the new format.

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