Tai Chi Y4D363

This morning I got up really early. I mean, really early even for me. And I drove my mother to an out-patient center, and got her in to see the eye surgeon who was going to remove one of her cataracts before breakfast. Before coffee, even.

What neither of us had known until we got there, was that I had to stay there.  I had to remain in the waiting room (or sit by her side while they drilled a laser into her eye, and then stuck pin and knives into her eye… I chose to remain in the waiting room) and be physically present in the building until she was released from surgery and declared fit to go home.

So that was my morning.  I didn’t do tai chi while she was sleeping off the effects of the anesthesia and muscle relaxants they gave her for the surgery.  I waited for her to wake up. And then she really, really wanted lunch. So we did lunch. SO I didn’t get to tai chi until nearly 12:30 pm.

Two qi gong forms, and four tai chi forms later, I feel more or less back to normal. Except that I want either a nap, or a swim, and I’m not sure which.  Probably both.

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