Tai Chi Y4D345: Jasmine

Taking a leaf from Theo (whose Pleiades connection is delicious this week — and I’m working my way through Star.Ships as quickly as I can) and from Robert Mitchell, Jr., I burned jasmine incense this morning as I did my work. Sweating during the form; I got a good workout today, which is not always the case.  But the combination of the purple candle and the incense aromas in the air helped pump me up for a great workout.

I’m really enjoying this workout now: two qi gong forms, four tai chi forms.  It doesn’t take me an hour, although at 12 minutes per tai chi form as the ideal, it should be about 60  minutes or a little less.  It’s closer to 40 minutes, which means a 7-8 minute tai chi form is probably about right.

Which is OK if what you’re after is a simple workout and a bit of light sweating. But I feel like I’m running out of time to work up to an hour, which was my goal at the beginning of the year.  Twenty-one days left.

Dabbling will publish issue #7 today.

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