Tai Chi Y4D314: All the way to four

It’s day 314. That means that I should do three versions of the form, and then a tenth of the form, and then four-hundredths of the form, and then one-thousandth of the form, and then five ten-thousandths of the form….

Ahem. No. Although it would get me to slow down.  I did in fact do four forms, and I managed to get myself off the rug during the east, west, and north iterations of the form. It’s not a fixed result, but I did realize that the rug’s relative closeness to the bicycle and workbench means that I don’t approach those sides of the room too deeply anyway. The rug is practically right up against the bike, so it’s not a good approach side anyway. During the first tai chi form, my foot was under the shadow of the front wheel when it was off the rug.

There is some tightness in the right-hand/back side of my right ankle this morning.  I have no sense of where it came from or what caused it.

I’ve just realized I need to go into work this morning early, because I left the design studio a mess yesterday evening after the electricity class, and I have a first period class in there today. Have a lovely weekend, all — there may or may not be posting this weekend.

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