Tai Chi Y4D313: One

Did one tai chi form today. It was not particularly difficult. I did druidry first, and did a longer meditation than usual for me.  There’s not much else to tell.

I appear to have made my peace with the new-to-us rug in the office. The first week or more that it was here, it bothered me a lot.  Now I seem to be used to it, even on the full-go-around spins.  It still bothers me that my feet don’t leave the mat during practice, because that means that my form is adapting to the perceived limitations of the space.  I mean, the rug is rectangular, and longer from north to south than east to west.  This means that my practice should take me off the rug when I’m starting facing either east or west, or north or south.  But I don’t: I stay on the rug the whole time.  And it appears that my work isn’t being done in a square with a side-length of the narrow width of the rug.  Which means that I should step off sometimes during an east- or west-facing work through of the form.  But I don’t.

I guess it still bothers me.

I’m thinking through my work and projects for this weekend. Particularly, I’m wondering what to do about the 31 Days of Magic series, which winds down on Sunday. The last two days of the project are not in a useful order for what I have to do; which means I think that I’ll be cooking a magical meal.

I’ll be teaching at EarthSpirit’s annual Feast of Lights in Amherst, MA this weekend, and delivering the Toast to the Stag King at some point during dinner.

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