Tai Chi Y4D310:

One form, really slow, with really careful breathwork and moving through water, and pushing against an invisible opponent.  Druidry beforehand, and meditation, to help set me in the right headspace to do this.  Wow, that was tiring.  It’s not even 7:00am, and I’ve worked out hard.

Except I haven’t.  This was not particularly different or more difficult from the work that I did yesterday.  Maybe it was done with more care, more attention to pulling in oxygen.  Maybe it wasn’t.  It was just a day, like the others, when I did work more or less exactly as I’ve done other days.  Today it made me tired, though.

I get to teach it again later today to a group of students right after lunch.  And then I get to come home and play with electricity. What a day to be playing with energy, when I have low energy.  🙂  Should be fun.

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