31 DoM: Make an Incense

Today’s assignment from the 31 Days of Magic project, from the strategic sorcery community around Jason Miller, is to make an incense.

Asafetida smells terrible.  It works, but it’s kind of like a psychic furniture stripper.  It rips off all the old layers and replaces them with something terrible.  But whatever issues you might have in the spirit realm will be gone when you’re done burning it.

At one point, Gordon mentioned that he’d developed or learned the recipe for an exorcism incense.  I’ve generally had several batches of this made up, because while I don’t do exorcisms, it’s nice to be able to hand off a charcoal briquette and a bag of this incense, and give some rudimentary instructions.

Crush equal parts star anise and cloves in a mortar and pestle. This is a really good, cheap exorcism incense that will do the trick but won’t completely blow out the energies of your house or temple. Of course, you will also need a charcoal briquette. (If you need a nuclear option, go with dragon’s blood. But be prepared to rebuild the energies of the space you use it in afterwards.)

Read more: http://runesoup.com/2010/04/safe-summoning-spells-a-guide-to-contacting-the-dead/#ixzz3yJg30DkV

The last time I did this, the person who needed the incense needed all that I had left.  It worked, he admitted that it worked, that his spirit problem vanished… and then he never talked to me again.  And I haven’t made more of late.

So I mixed up a batch tonight.  Because you never know when you’re going to need something like this in your arsenal.

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