Tai Chi Y4D301: one, slowly

Did one tai chi form this morning.  The soreness in my right ankle returned overnight.  Feels like maybe there’s a tendon in need of some stretching and release.  I remind myself that this isn’t a a sprint. But neither is it a marathon. It’s a daily practice.  

I did manage to go more slowly than I did yesterday, and I followed my work in tai chi with the Pentagram ritual and central ray work of the DOGD, which is my Druidic order.  One of the things I’m experimenting with, go, is leading movements from the core muscles of the waist and hips… Even during the druidic work.  The arm and fingers draw the emblems of the work… But what happens when the figures are drawn with qi-backed intention, while doing the movement through water? Interesting things.  

Robert Mitchell, one of my regular commenters, reports on his blog that his mother has died.  My heart goes out to him, and my prayers this morning.  May you find comfort and joy in the living memory of the wonders she wrought in life, and may her spirit continue to inform and inspire you in the coming days and years.  She sounds remarkable.  

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