Tai Chi Y4D297: abbreviated

Yesterday’s practice with students was fine.  We did about an hour of tai chi together, which amounted to both qi gong forms, an introduction to the first 20 steps of tai chi which we did twice, the whole form which we did once, and some push-hands.  I’d say it was a successful practice.

I’ve not been sleeping well of late.  I feel as though I’m nervous about some upcoming changes in my life, and it’s presented itself as serious sleeplessness.  In any case, it took some energy to get out of bed this morning.  I made it, but the change in morning hours led to some shortened practice time.

I did the form once, not up to my basic standards these days, but with good breathwork.  I feel awake and alert, and most of the clumps of weariness and stiffness have fled for the day. So far, so good.

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