Tai chi Y4D294: four

Did four tai chi forms.  The fourth, of earth, was really the best of them.  The others weren’t bad, but the fourth was great.

What made it good? I was moving slowly, as through water.  I was using the upward movement effectively, and my breathwork was good. I wasn’t experiencing weird twinges in my hips or knees, so that implies that I had good footwork. I was doing good downward movement, and I didn’t fall over as I did yesterday despite doing an equally challenging version of Grab the Needle on the Sea Bottom. I felt the buildup of internal energy.  And at the end of the practice, I felt like my obliques, the muscles on the side of my upper torso between armpit and hips, were stronger and firmer than before.  

In short, I feel like I got a workout. 

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