Tai Chi Y4D291:

I did only one form today, but with a slow and steady breathwork, and a lot of attention to the inverse breath — the pulling in of the stomach on the inhale and the relaxation of the abdominal wall on the exhale.


It’s difficult.  There’s really no way of saying that nicely or politely, except to say that it hurts, and it’s exhausting to do it that way. There’s some show called Parks and Recreation (I’ve never seen it, except in clips), and apparently some character says something along the lines of “Exercise is good for you, but MY GOD at what cost??” That’s sort of my feeling about inverse breathing.  It’s difficult, and leaves me worn out.

Of course, once it’s done and I have a chance to bounce back from that experience, I feel great.

I also opened the temple this morning in my druidic work.  This is a somewhat lengthy operation; with care and attention I can do the opening and closing together in about fifteen minutes.  It’s really lovely.  I’ve never had the chance to do it before work, before. This morning, though, I felt like I had time, so I tried it.  The meditation inside the temple was a bit rushed, though, so I think I’ll do the abbreviated version of the temple work I usually do in the future, and concentrate most of my attention on the meditation.

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