Tai Chi Y4D270: One

followed by druidry.  As the solstice approaches, as the days get shorter, as the weather gets weirder, I find myself sinking into a bit of a funk.  It was difficult to drag myself out of bed this morning, and more difficult to get moving.

I did get it done, but I must admit it was not a high-quality experience.

On the other hand, yesterday’s teaching was a pretty high quality experience.  We did two qi gong sets, and the tai chi form through one and a half times, and some structural work on improving the overall quality of their experience and learning.  I don’t think they enjoyed the experience as much as other classes, but I saw a marked difference in how they moved, so I think they got a lot out of it without necessarily knowing that they got a lot out of it.  Tai chi is funny like that; some of the work is fun but doesn’t advance your skills and your awareness.  Some of the work is no fun, but its daily practice improves the quality of your experience a great deal.

I am hoping to produce another coptic-stitch book at some point today. This means taking my tools into school today, and trying to produce the book during a free period. We’ll see how that goes.

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