Latin: Accipiter et Lepinus

I wrote a little story for my Latin students today, because I want them to have practice at reading and writing texts that aren’t from Ecce Romani 1A. That thing has gotten so boring to me after six years of reading from it. So I make up stories, and I use those stories to help encourage them to write and draw on their own.  This is, of course, preparation for the Bestiary, which is the major project of the fall term in my class.

The story reads, “Audite! Scribite! Dictite! Legite!”  Which is my classroom’s code for listening, writing, speaking and reading practice.

It then goes on:

Ecce! In pictura est accepter.  Accipiter in arbore sedet.  Etiam in pictura est cuniculus, nomine Lepidus.  Accipiter et LEpinus non sunt amici.  Accipiter cuniculum edere vult.  Accipiter videt Lepinum, et volat in horto.  Lepinus ex horto subito currit.  Curait in villam eius.  Iratus est accpiter, sed laetus est Lepidus.

(Note: I still need to add in macrons, which I’ll try to remember to do tomorrow).

I also taught students to draw a running rabbit or bunny and a hawk for their story, using the linked tutorials. Latin story: Lepinus et Acciptiter

Here’s the translation of the Latin story, with illustrations, says

“Hear, Write, Speak, Read!
Look! In the picture is a hawk! The hawks sits in a tree. Also in the picture is a bunny, named Lepin. Hawk and Lepin aren’t friends. Hawk wants to eat bunnies. Hawk sees Lepin and flies in the garden. Lepin runs out of the garden. He runs into his own house. Angry is the hawk, but happy is Lepin.”

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