Tai Chi Y4D183: Three Breaths

Today I did:

  • two tai chi forms, concentrating on breathwork
  • 20 push-ups
  • two tai chi forms, concentrating on the outward push
  • Five Golden Coins, a qi gong form.
  • two tai chi forms, concentrating on footwork
  • Eight Pieces of Silk, the other qi gong form

Six iterations of the form, and two qi gong forms.  Not bad.  A little sweaty, not too much, and feeling good.

I want to remind readers of the importance of the three breaths.  I’ve been finding that those three breaths, a full intake and release of breath each, at the start of each tai chi form, is really critical. Without it, I tend to rush into the form, and give an overly-rushed performance that doesn’t take more than 1-2 minutes to do.  Not enough time.  With that extra care, I can give a 7-to-ten minute tai chi form.  Of course, this means that this morning’s tai chi took about 45 minutes.

And that means that, for a Wednesday schedule, I’m running late. See you tomorrow!

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