Tai chi y4d108: in the heat

i was up and doing tai chi before the sun cleared the mountain, about 7:00am. But by the time I was done, the full heat of the day had risen along with the sun. And I was in it. 

Or maybe it was just that I roused that much of my internal energy to the work. Somehow I doubt it though. 

My practice consisted of the two with gong forms, push-ups, and three iterations of the principal form: focussed on upward, outward and splitting movements. At the moment, I appear to be most successful at these actions, and so I’m tending to do them more. 

However, I’m aware that one key issue is counterintuitive. The breath of tai chi is inverse: tummy-clenching on the inhale; and expansive on the exhale. This is out of order.  And the truth is that the downward and the inward movements of tai chi, though counterintuitive, also hold much power as well. 

I don’t know quite how to do this yet. Doing the full eight is exhausting. But I also know that’s where the deep power lies in this form. That’s where the hidden dragon slumbers. 

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