Tai Chi Y4D86: Morning

Performed 20 push-ups.  I wish I could say that they were getting easier, but … ok, I can say it. They’re getting easier.  But now I’m under more (self-imposed) pressure to do them right.  I haven’t really been going down far enough to the floor, and now I really ought to. So I did them right, today. Ow.

Then the two qi gong forms.  I really like these, but sometimes it feels like these are the first elements from my practice to be dropped.  And yet, they’re essential. These forms, they’re the warm-up exercises for the main event.

Which is the tai chi practice.  Went through the form five times.  Once was a focus on breathwork, shifting to footwork 2/3s of the way through.  One was focused on the outward and downward movements.  The next two were ‘hard-isn’, in that I was tightening my muscular structure to push and make the splitting movements.  And the last was pretty easy.  Light sweat by the end.

Afterwards, I did my druidry work for the day.  I’m trying to learn a new ritual format, and it’s radically different enough from the other ones I know that it’s giving me a bit of a challenge. Still, I’ll get it eventually.  In other news, I really want to read the book, THE MARTIAN, simply based on seeing this comic.

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