Tai Chi Y4D79: Lastday… sorta.

Today was to be the last day of school. Tomorrow is still graduation.  And we have another three days next week (including my examination for Latin).

And I was selling yearbooks this morning, and providing a lunch for my colleagues.  Oops.  It made for a busy morning, and I had to drop my entry for this morning.

Basically, though, I’m back to normal.  I was only able to do 12 push-ups in the first round, and get to sixteen after a breather. But that was it.  The dry cough phase of this illness has started, and while there’s a tension in my chest it’s going to be hard to do push-ups. The qi gong, though, broke through some of that tension, and the three repetitions of the tai chi form helped a lot beyond that.

Much else beyond that, I don’t remember from this morning. It’s been a long day, even though I haven’t done much.  I’m down under 40 yearbooks left to sell, and some parents are still interested.  The next few days (extra) of (weather-added) school should be interesting.

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