Tai Chi Y4D70: Awake

I didn’t get a great deal of sleep last night, but it’s OK.  I have a great day planned for the kids in my class.  And I had a great tai chi practice this morning.  I also have no after-school activities today, so I can take a nap this afternoon.

Why did it rock? Well, it was complete.  I haven’t been able to do that in a while.  But I did both qi gong forms, 20 push-ups, some standing tai chi, and the tai chi form three times.  I really felt like I’d gotten a great workout by the third time through; I was breathing correctly, and I was applying some of the five forces: upward force, outward force, downward force, crossing force, and downward force.

But in any practice of this length, there are things you’re not going to be satisfied with.  I think that’s normal.  I’ve got enough practice under my belt at this point to know that there are going to be inadequacies in any given run-through of the form; but the question is, do you figure out how to move past those challenges in the next go-around?  Or the next? The result is that you might have three poor run-throughs of the form — but a great practice overall, because one version of the form had breathwork problems, and one had forces problems, and one had footwork problems… but each flow-through corrected some of the challenges of the prior work, or introduced new complications.

The result was a satisfying practice.

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