Tai Chi Y4D66: Effort

TOday’s effort was 20 push-ups, the first Qi gong form, which is Five Golden Coins, then two run-through’s of the form, followed by the second qi gong form which is Eight Pieces of Silk, followed by two more run-through’s of the form.  I also did a short period of wu chi stance meditation, which was difficult.  In all, about 25 minutes.

I was up late last night working on a pair of pants.  I have a jacket in the same fabric, and I realized I had just enough to make a pair of pants.  They’re sort of blousy, but they’ve also got a fairly wide gusset in the groin, and I can kick high while wearing them.  They’ll be good practice pants for tai chi — and as I say, I’ve already got a matching jacket.

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