Tai Chi Y4D61: Six Years

No, I’ve not been doing tai chi for six years.  It was six years ago yesterday that I began blogging on WordPress.  The archives go back to 2002, though, because I imported my journal archive from LiveJournal.  I would have done DiaryLand too, but that archive had been archived, and then deleted, by the time I started here.

Tai chi today was sort of a joke.  I’m experiencing a little bit of accidie, in part because I have a major undertaking today and I’m putting it off a bit while I read through the plan.

I am going to become a Bard in my druidic order today.  It’s a bit of a major program, and part of me is nervous about it, and delaying doing it.  But it’s happening.  The anniversary-ish of my blogging here is as good a time as any, right?  And truth be told, I wasn’t sure that today was the day until I started writing this entry on how terrible my tai chi practice was today.  It just suddenly felt like, “Oh, right, you did a bad job with this because you want to do a good job with that!” 

Sometimes life is like that.

Update: I am a bard, by examination and initiation, in my order, as of early this afternoon.


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