Tai Chi Y4D25: downhill

Montreal is built on a steep hill. We seem to be arranging our visit in such a way that we only have to walk down, never up. In some ways this is self-defeating, given how close our hotel is to the top of the streets… But you also go out of your ways to gve your lady what she wants.  The city is beautiful, though, the people-watching is fantastic and the food is delicious. .

tai chi today was in the hotel.  As I said yesterday, the room we’re staying in has quite a lot of floor space. Enough to do a full sequence of tai chi without too much difficulty. What’s more difficult is to figure out what to say about that tai chi practice. At this point there’s three years of detail about what’s likely to go right and wrong on a given day. Today footwork was poor, breathwork was poor, and I moved too fast. What else is new? In other news, water remains wet.

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