Tai Chi Y4D14: A good morning

It’s my first Friday without school (yay, 3-day weekend) in a good long while, and I took the chance to sleep in — instead of getting up at 5:00 I got up at 7:30.  Then I did a leisurely half-hour or so of tai chi, and then druidic practices, and then goofed around online for a while.  And so it is that I’m just getting to writing my tai chi entry now.

And there’s something important about a half-hour tai chi practice.  In 30 minutes, you have stretches of good work and stretches of bad work. You have to decide to push yourself, or to take things at a leisurely pace.  Some of my breathwrok was excellent, and some of it was quite sloppy.  Some of my footwork was great, and some needed some tweaks.  Some of my moving through water was awesome, and sometimes I was just waving my arms around.  When you have that much time, you’re going to do some things right and some things not-quite-right.

And that’s normal.

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