Tai Chi Y3D364: Oh right, an entry

Oh, right, I’m supposed to write an entry, aren’t I??

It was a good practice. About thirty-five minutes, followed by my druidic work and some meditation.  It was a great meditation session, which necessitated a private writing session of about twenty minutes. And then there was some dithering about breakfast… and now it’s 7am, almost, and I’ve got to be dressed and on my way to work in about fifteen minutes and I’m not even dressed yet.

And yet.  And yet, it was a great practice.  I worked on footwork and inverse breath and moving through water today.  They weren’t coming together at all. They weren’t flowing. Then, in the middle of Step Back to Drive the Monkey Away, I stepped just right, and I was suddenly doing all three principles of movement perfectly. Cloud Hands was a dream, it went so perfectly.  I was in this awesome state of being in the flow of the form, not too fast, not too slow.

It was a practice session that made me feel like I could do anything — everything — today.

Let’s hope that includes getting to work on time.

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