Tai Chi Y3D252: forty-five minutes

I did about twenty minutes of tai chi this morning, and another twenty-five of qi gong, including the Five Golden Coins and some of Dr. Yang’s postures.  IT was an excellent practice — so much so that I got into a bit of an altered headspace. When I sat down to write, it took me a good twenty minutes to focus on the screen in front of me, and figure out “oh, this is where I do the writing.  This is the writing part of the daily practice.  This is when I write.”


I’ve not really had this experience before, of being unable to write, or rather, having the desire to write but being almost completely non-verbal after exercise.  I feel better now — no, not better, but certainly more balanced — and a bit more focused.

Despite it being Friday, it’s going to be a busy, busy day.  A full slate of classes, continuing work on the head of the wizard of Oz, debate club, and maybe slicing up some of the parts for the rolling cart for the design lab.  Off to work I go.

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