Tai Chi Y336: Quick, then Slow

Ran through my tai chi form twice this morning; I had time, and I wasn’t going hard. I’ll save that for later. Today is the last full day that Dad and I will be here; we leave in the morning.

Today, a prominent qi gong instructor, acupunturist and TCM1 doctor from New York City is coming up here to the Berskhires to do a series of lectures and workshops on Chinese medicine, qi gong and health. Today is about longevity, and tomorrow is about health and vitality.  There are more on Saturday but I won’t be here, alas.

The gems from yesterday — the new qi gong form, the new widened stance, and the five types of tai chi movement (inward, outward, upward, downward, and splitting) — have given me a lot of new material to work with and think about. My practice is about to undergo a major shift and overhaul.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also looking forward to taking up yoga in some form.  Being in inversion yesterday was so good for me.  I feel great.

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