Tai Chi Y3D333: On hotel rug

I’m staying with my dad this week. Part retreat, part vacation. I rose early and did tai chi for twenty-two minutes: about fifteen minutes of form, and then some “jam-time” in experimentation.  We’re meeting at 6:30 for breakfast, and then we go our separate ways to do various projects and programs during the course of the day.

We’re here, in part, because we do a trip every winter together, and have for several years.  Last year it was Amsterdam.  A few years before that it was Sicily.  Currently, we’re at a fat-farm program, because both of us are heavier than we should be, by a lot.  (Typical Americans).  I have to say that as weight-loss program, tai chi has sucked rocks.  I’m a good twenty pounds heavier than when I started, and I don’t think that all of that can be attributed to the bone-and-ligament density-increase that’s allegedly common among tai chi practitioners.

Anyway, we’ll see what the next few days of dietary advice, nutrition advice, workout advice, and so on has to offer.  In the meantime, I’m with dad, and we’re having a good time.

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