Tai Chi Y3D331: Late start

LanternsWell, it’s 5:30pm, almost, and I’ve only just done tai chi for the day.  Yesterday was a busy day: I built the five lanterns shown at left — they’ll be painted over February vacation, and then I’ll install green tissue paper in them for the Wizard of Oz production we’re doing in March.  It was also the last day of school before a vacation, so it was a bit of a challenge; but I did OK.

Today, I resolved to sleep in.  I hadn’t been feeling well for a few days, and I needed the extra sleep. I told myself, a deep sleep will be good for you.  Didn’t work out as planned, but these things happen. When I finally got up, breakfast and storm-preparation wound up occupying a fair bit of the day.  Here in New England, we’re expecting to get hit by another major snowstorm that is likely to hit here with 3-6″, and utterly bury Boston.  My dad and I are going off on a bit of an adventure together late Sunday; the storm should be over by then, but who knows?

My tai chi practice today was not the best.  IT didn’t begin until late in the day; I was constrained by restrictions of both space and time — not a lot of room to work here, when we’re also getting ready for dinner.  But between those two limitations, I did OK.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting from a semi-retreat/semi-vacation with my father in the afternoon; I may make a morning entry, but possibly not.

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