Tai Chi Y3D325: Riffing

Woke about 7:00 am, and then did tai chi from about 7:15am until 7:45am. The timer helped. I did the form twice, and then ‘jammed’ according to the format I suggested yesterday, trying out a few moves in combination with one another. I liked it a lot.  Neither form was up to the standard I set a few days before, but the use of the timer to decide on how much work to do was definitely helpful.

Shifting from “I’m done for the day when I’ve done the tai chi form once” to “I’m done when I’ve done a half-hour of tai chi movements” is going to be a complex change to institute in my routine.  It’s probably my most complicated change in three years.

I’m looking forward to it.

In the meantime, today in my area, Mars and Venus rose in conjunction while Mars is dignified by term and face; and Venus is in exaltation.  A lot of poetry to work with today, astrologically speaking… and my friend C.T. tells me that it’s possible to do additional work around 1:47 local time this afternoon.  I’m looking forward to that too.

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