Tai Chi Y3D321: Choices

When throwing my geomancy chart for the day, I pulled Rubeus/Coch/Red as the First Mother. This means, in the traditional lore, that one is supposed to stop casting the chart right there, and not continue for at least two hours.  Given that I’m still learning geomancy as an official part of my bardic curriculum in DOGD, though, I kept at it.  The judge was Conjunctio/Cyswllt/Crossroads — Make some choices. The left and right witnesses were Prison and Road.  My interpretation? Choose some particular goals and intentions for the day, because the world is throwing limitations at me, and all I want to do is get stuff done.

And yet here I am, writing my tai chi entry several hours afterward, because it wasn’t enough of a priority to get it done while I was still at home. I’m  bouncing between writing this entry, and working on the school yearbook.  Did I mention that I’m also building the furniture for the school’s new MakerSpace, and coaching my Debate Team, and trying to make up classes due to all of the snow we’ve had? Plus, I’m trying to advance my tai chi practice by slowing down.

Which, to be honest, does not seem to be working. 🙂  I mean, yes, I am slowing my tai chi practice down, and being more deliberate and careful with my movements; but it does not seem to be having its intended effect of slowing the rest of my life down.  Quite the opposite, in fact — the more deliberate and careful my tai chi practice becomes, the more clear it becomes that it’s helping the rest of my life go on overdrive.  If I want the rest of my life to slow down, I’m going to have to put the brakes on it more deliberately than I have so far.

The warning from my geomancy chart, of course, is that today is probably not the day I’ll be taking this lesson to heart. Ah, well.

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