Tai Chi Y3D305: Slow Breathing

I started tai chi at 6:10 am today and ended at 6:23. Then I did my central druidry practice, the central ray, and now I’m writing this entry.  Christina mentioned that maybe I should make a Vow or something similar for my tai chi practice, to try to get down to the correct speed all the time (today was pretty good — 13 minutes is just a little shy of the 15-20-ish minutes the form should take.

How did I get there? Two or three breaths per movement.  I’d say that everything from diagonal single whip or “Buddha’s Twist” to the ward-off left after Fair Lady Works Shuttles was too fast, and that’s where I’ll want to pick up the extra minutes.  So, given that I know how to slow down, and I know where the slowing-down needs to be, I should try that formal intention that Christina mentioned.  This would be good to get figured out.

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