Tai Chi Y3D300: Sixty-Six Days Left?

There’s something nice about double-zeros, as in today’s entry. 100, 200, and now 300. They’re like milestones in the old game we used to play in French class, Mille Bournes. A couple of kids were singing “I would walk five hundred miles / and I would walk five hundred more” the other day in school (maybe last week?). And these big round numbers remind me of that.  I’ve come a long way along this path.

Practice was pretty ordinary:  qi gong forms, then the tai chi form, two Way of Energy stances, and then druidry practices.  I think I’m about seven weeks out from being done with the Bardic studies, and so I’ll initiate sometime around the end of year three or the beginning of year four.  But I’ve also found that lots of stuff comes up in the course of the work, so it could be later than that.

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  1. Regular and consistent practice is essential to the diet of a master. Your dedication is amazing! But man cannot live on bread alone. When you’ve wrapped up this TC challenge, consider introducing some chaos to balance yiur orderliness. Maybe keep the time blocked off, but pull your workout from a hat or roll dice? Again, hats off to you for what you’ve achieved!

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