tai chi Y3D254-255: complications

It’s been a complicated couple of days for tai chi.  I wound up getting up quite early yesterday to drive my mother to the bus station to begin her trip back to Florida after the holiday. That meant getting up right after tai chi and hanging out with my family during breakfast, instead of writing an entry.  Then I met up with some friends at the other end of the state for Friendsgiving, a Thanksgiving dinner for a group of friends instead of a group of family.

There wasn’t much writing time to be had, between the driving and the talking.

Today’s tai chi practice was… ahem. Terrible, is really the only word for it.  I’ve been working through the form in a small bedroom with too much furniture since Wednesday, and moving back to a room of a more normal size resulted in some serious difficulties.  I don’t know why, but the half-spin movement and the windmill kick were both ‘bent out of shape’ relative to what I’m used to.

I’ll be home this evening.  I feel as though I need to work through the form in my own house a couple of times before things will be back to normal.  I don’t think I’ve had as poor a few days of practice as I had today and yesterday, since year one of practice.

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