Poem: Hymn for Mars in Exaltation

Monday, Wednesday, and next Monday (December 1) all see Mars moving into and then out of its degree of Exaltation in the sign of Capricorn (28th Degree).  In keeping with my regular custom to try to create poetry around such astrological moments, I offer this ode, for the use of people who pay attention to such matters.

Hail to thee, Mars, in exalted station
in the Sea-Goat’s belly — a burning stone
aflame with the force of God’s creation,
blood-red angel fated to fight alone.
You are pure fire now closed in a hearth,
energy harnessed and put to labor,
muscle and sinew bound to reach some goal.
And as the athanor proves the gold’s worth,
so may you prove a forceful crusader —
power and strength merged with perfect control.

You are the force of drive and completion—
by daring and vigor you get. Things. Done!
With force, and fury, and agitation,
you direct the fight so victory’s won.
Meticulously sexy, full of drive,
Mars in Capricorn, logistics’ fierce king,
bring discipline and order to the camp!
Bend backs to the work, and make the work thrive,
even as sweat falls! For your heart must sing
to hear men’s feet drumming a common stamp!

Warrior divine, great Heaven’s right arm,
endow my sinews with purpose and will:
Shield me with courage, and let no alarm
drive me backward — help me to drink my fill
of the victor’s cup! Help me love the fight
also, the challenge seen — and met — and beat —
the bone-weary glee from a foe struck down
by right of arms, due diligence, and might
well-applied; for I refuse all defeat
unless, Mars, it brings me greater renown.

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