Tai Chi Y3D230: Simply Dailys

About two weeks ago, Peggy Freeh of Simple Daily Practice interviewed me. That interview is now live: 48 minutes or so of the two of us talking.  It’s kinda interesting to hear me try to sum up two and a half years of practice.  Someone else will have to be the judge of that, I think.  There are a lot of good talks on that website, too; it’s a nice new podcast to discover, and I feel good that I ‘got discovered’.

It doesn’t change the fact that today’s daily practice was just that. Daily, and practice.  I don’t feel particularly bad about it, but neither do I feel like, “Wow, that was a great practice.” Mostly I can say, it’s over for today. Which is not something one wants to say on a day when visitors are arriving for the first time. (Hi there!)

So what made it ordinary? What made it normal? If I had to put a finger on specifics, I’d have to say that it was short, and long delayed.  I try to get up on time, when the alarm goes off — but I’m still adjusting to the end of Daylight Savings Time, and I want to lounge in bed. I also know that I have a schedule out of the ordinary this morning, and that requires a different program this morning than usual — between those two things, my schedule is off more than I’d like.  When I don’t get up on time, I have a tendency to shorten my practice; and it tends to be of a lower quality or intensity.  Knowing those two things, I’m out of sorts even so.

These are the kinds of insights that emerge, though, after long practice. The observation becomes easier; but the doing doesn’t always follow hard upon the insight.  I said in my interview that the days around 200-220 of any year of practice are usually hard. I wasn’t kidding; reality is setting in, and I wonder how long I will keep this up?  Time will tell.  Maybe tomorrow will be easier.

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